Getting your website Christmas ready

If you have a business in the retail sector then you will already have started the Christmas countdown. Many businesses change the look and theme of their website over the festive period, this may include banners, the countdown to Christmas or showcasing Christmas themed products. One idea that works really well for retailers is to have a Christmas advent calendar on your website. Each day someone visits they get to click on a door and reveal a new offer. The offer may be a discount code, a freebie or entry into a prize draw. Not only does this make your site fun and more interactive it entices people to come back to your site every day. It may be worth also having daily deals as another way of encouraging people to come back to the site. Many websites in the retail industry see a rise in traffic as they approach Christmas so you need to be sure that your current hosting package can cope with... Read More »

Using an app for your business needs

Most businesses can benefit from using a mobile or tablet application to help with their business. Whether it be to assist with administration or product sales there really is an app for everything! And if there isn’t a suitable app out there you could always create one. A great app for pretty much all self-employed people would be an accounting app to keep track of income and expenditure to help when it comes to completing a self-assessment. There are many different apps that can help with this including apps where you can photograph and store your receipts in date order as well as produce and send out invoices to customers. You can even link these apps to your business bank account to check whether you’ve been paid on time for each invoice. These really would save a lot of time and worry about the admin involved with being self-employed. If you have a business where you need to schedule appointments with customers then there are... Read More »

Using themes in WordPress

WordPress is one of the, if not the most popular free open source content management system. It is based on PHP and MySQL and is very easy to use and adaptable. Many web developers use WordPress to develop websites for their clients due to its flexibility and the opportunity to expand over time. It also offers a very user-friendly interface for the client to use when updating content, adding products or managing orders. The basic WordPress install comes with a number of themes. These themes are very basic and are often not used unless purely to create a very simple blog site. Most web developers create their own theme or find one that they can purchase to use for a project. There are literally thousands of different WordPress themes on the market, some are free (often for personal use) and others are charged for. When searching for a theme you need to make sure that it can be adapted in a way that will suit... Read More »

The cost of creating an App for your business

With so many people now using smart devices for their browsing and shopping, it is clear to see why a number of businesses are investing money in to creating an app for the Android and IOS stores. An app can be created to give your customers a way of browsing using personalised experiences. It can be created to give them a login to parts of your site and can often be used to send push notifications to them when needed. The cost of creating an app can vary drastically depending on what you want it to do. If you are a fairly small business, a simple app to mimic your website may cost in the region of £8000- £10000 but if you want to build a login area, set up personalisation and notifications then you may be looking at a lot more. Many of the big players will have spent close to, if not exceeding a million pounds on the creation of their app. Just... Read More »

GDPR and what it means for me

If you haven’t heard of GDPR then you must have been hiding over the last few months as it seems to be everywhere. You cannot go online without been asked endlessly through your little application hoard about your consent of late, and may be wondering what it’s being used for. Essentially, every company that holds your data now has to tell you (more or less) exactly what they’re going to do with that data. Although few will make it easy to click through and investigate, it’s worth doing – surprising how far just a little data and tracking can go. In the internet fraternity, did we ever really think our data wasn’t going anywhere? The old adage applies, that if you’re not paying for it, you are the product; certainly the industries that thrive do so on the production of property that can really only legally be defined as intellectual, but is nonetheless such. Content. GDPR lays that bare, if you actually read it. Explicit... Read More »