GDPR and what it means for me

If you haven’t heard of GDPR then you must have been hiding over the last few months as it seems to be everywhere. You cannot go online without been asked endlessly through your little application hoard about your consent of late, and may be wondering what it’s being used for. Essentially, every company that holds your data now has to tell you (more or less) exactly what they’re going to do with that data. Although few will make it easy to click through and investigate, it’s worth doing – surprising how far just a little data and tracking can go. In the internet fraternity, did we ever really think our data wasn’t going anywhere? The old adage applies, that if you’re not paying for it, you are the product; certainly the industries that thrive do so on the production of property that can really only legally be defined as intellectual, but is nonetheless such. Content. GDPR lays that bare, if you actually read it. Explicit... Read More »

The use of social media websites in the financial sector

The Financial Conduct Authority has expressed its concerns about companies within the financial industry using social media sites to inform and promote their offers and business to consumers. The main issue is that most of the social media sites only allow you to create a post that is a certain amount of characters long. The FCA states that any promotion or advertisement that is offered to the public must contain all the relevant information about it, on social media websites this is not always the case and often the financial companies have not go the space to do so. This does not mean that the financial sector cannot use social media websites as a form of marketing, but that they must be very careful about what they are sending out. If they cannot give enough detail about a product or service, then they should not use the social media sites to promote it.

Digital Agency Professionals

From the time of invention of the internet, many things have changed. The word Digital has seen numerous changes through technology and gadgets like cameras CDs, and more recently, TVs. With these changes being brought, it is certain that a digital agency is the online future. Because, the internet has gained in popularity; it has almost become mandatory for companies to make their presence online. The internet is a very powerful tool for business to help in generating prospective leads that can be the long term customers of a company. For a business to get started with getting qualified leads, it needs to invest some money in the online promotion. Today, digital marketing is the most common method of marketing. Many people are exchanging information and conducting business online. The digital marketing is more engaging, more informative, reaches more targets and in the long run very cost effective. Though, a person can be able to develop a marketing strategy, one may not able to research... Read More »