Software updates, are they important?

All computers use some sort of software. Your Windows system is the main operating system but you may also have browsers installed, Adobe packages and Anti-virus software etc too plus many others. Often your computer will notify you of updates available for your chosen software but this only happens when you are connected to the internet. Updates can be released to roll out known bug fixes, security advances and additional functionality. All of these are important and some as they not only allow you to do more with the software but will keep your PC and accounts secure. Some companies make updates mandatory, not allowing you to use the software until you have update it where as others release them as optional. It is sometimes advised to wait a few days after an update has been released until you install it to see if it causes any issues for other users. This allows time for any known update issues to become known or ideally fixed.... Read More »

Finding the right accounting software for your business

If you run your own business then you have a choice to make when it comes to accounting. You may wish to employ and accountant or outsource it to an accountancy firm that will already have software that they use. Some people still use spreadsheets to do their accounting, which can start to get a bit long winded if you start to have a lot of transactions that need to be inputted. There are some great off the shelf accountancy software packages such as Sage Pay, Quick Books and Xero. They are range massively on prices and functionality and all of these companies offer packages at different levels meaning you only pay for what you use. Xero for example has three packages, all of which are very similar. Package one, is their basic one which only allows you to do 5 invoices a month and reconcile 20 bank transaction. Their next package is £12 more but gives you unlimited invoices and reconciling as well as... Read More »

Moving your business applications to the cloud

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular. There are a huge number of advantages to using the cloud as part of your business IT network. Many businesses are now looking to move much or all of their software to cloud hosting. Using the cloud allows them to access data and records from anywhere that they have an internet connection. It can save money on hosting space and also offer extra security and more effective backup methods should they need to retrieve data following an incident. For many, the main concern when it comes to switching to the cloud is the time it takes to migrate everything and the issues it may cause initially.  It may also be concerning who the new systems are going to work, it may be that the new cloud software requires the content to be input in a different way, therefore, all extracted data from the old system will need to be changed around and configured to upload in to the new... Read More »

Creating a web based application for your business

Many businesses reply on web based applications for their communication and to help with other aspects of the business. Some companies use web based applications to enable them to create quotes for customers, maybe in the work place or even at the customer’s home address. When considering what you need in your web application, firstly ensure that it is going to work for you. You will need to have good web access in and away from the business that allows multiple access if you have more than one person accessing the system at one time. Web applications work great as long as the internet connection is reliable and that the staff members know how to use it properly. You may be able to have your web based application cover a number of things such as quoting, sales invoices, payments and communication. Having all the systems in one place can often save time and money but be aware that if for whatever reason the system goes... Read More »

Driver updates

If you use a PC or Laptop then the hardware inside it will often run off a driver. The drivers can often be set to automatically update or search for new driver updates and inform you but sometimes this does not always work as it should. If you find that you are having an issue with a particular component within your computer, such as your wireless network adaptor then you may wish to check the driver version. You can do this by going in to the control panel, device manager then right clicking on the device. You then select properties and drivers. This page will tell you what version of the drive is installed and from what date. There is a button to automatically search for driver updates but often this does not find them. Go online and find out what the latest compatible driver is and then download it manually. When you go back in to the properties, there is a place where you... Read More »