The of the importance of managing your domains

When it comes to managing your website you need to ensure that your domains are always renewed on time.  Most domain name providers give you ample notice of when your domain is due to be renewed and are often also offer you the option to automatically renew your domain. Even if you do forget and your domain name expires you would normally get a grace as period of about 60 days to allow you in which to renew the domain before anybody else can purchase it.  If you do forget to renew your name and the 60 days passes then the domain will become available to the public again which may mean you may lose it. If you domain name is purchased by somebody else then you have no right to claim it back.  Once your domain has expired your website will go offline.  If this happens then you will have to purchase a new domain name and change your website a point across to... Read More »

Making important additions to your website

Too many companies or individuals have a website and do not update it often enough, if at all. Many business owners believe that they only need to update their website when information needs to be added or removed but this is simply not the case. When the search engines such as Goole and Bing are choosing how and where to rank websites in the results pages, one of the things they look at is how often the website is updated and how fresh the content is. A website that has not changed for years may be outdated and will probably not offer the viewer the best experience and most up to date information, therefore the search engines will not want to recommend it and will push it down in the listings. If as a business owner you are struggling to find ways to add new information to your website then you could consider adding a blog or news section. This will allow you to add... Read More »

Moving your business applications to the cloud

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular. There are a huge number of advantages to using the cloud as part of your business IT network. Many businesses are now looking to move much or all of their software to cloud hosting. Using the cloud allows them to access data and records from anywhere that they have an internet connection. It can save money on hosting space and also offer extra security and more effective backup methods should they need to retrieve data following an incident. For many, the main concern when it comes to switching to the cloud is the time it takes to migrate everything and the issues it may cause initially.  It may also be concerning who the new systems are going to work, it may be that the new cloud software requires the content to be input in a different way, therefore, all extracted data from the old system will need to be changed around and configured to upload in to the new... Read More »

Creating a web based application for your business

Many businesses reply on web based applications for their communication and to help with other aspects of the business. Some companies use web based applications to enable them to create quotes for customers, maybe in the work place or even at the customer’s home address. When considering what you need in your web application, firstly ensure that it is going to work for you. You will need to have good web access in and away from the business that allows multiple access if you have more than one person accessing the system at one time. Web applications work great as long as the internet connection is reliable and that the staff members know how to use it properly. You may be able to have your web based application cover a number of things such as quoting, sales invoices, payments and communication. Having all the systems in one place can often save time and money but be aware that if for whatever reason the system goes... Read More »

Knowing how and where to invest your marketing budget

Marketing can seem quite complicated to many business owners and often you will not find out what works and what doesn’t until you have tried it. With so many different ways of marketing and all companies giving you slightly different advise it often it a trial and error for a little while until you find what works. When you are doing any sort of marketing it is important to be able to try and track the response it has had as much as possible. If you are doing leaflet drops for example, you may put a dedicated phone number on or a voucher code to find out how successful they have been. If you are going to be doing web marketing such as Google Adwords then there are some great stats packages out there which will allow you to monitor the traffic to your site and see if they have been refer from another website or a search engine. It will also track visits you... Read More »