Can you create multiple location pages without getting hit by the duplicate content filter?

As a company you may wish to target buyers in multiple locations. Google states that content should be unique on every page and that pages with duplicate content could be removed from the Google listings altogether. This is a risky game that no one wants to play and therefore you need to rethink how you can change your content to suit.

Firstly make sure that any page that is duplicated from another one is stripper back in terms of text and images. There should be no reference to the original page and this allows you to have a blank template to work with.

Rather than editing content from a previous page, you may wish to actually rewrite the text from scratch. This will ensure that you do not miss anything and will allow you to think of other ways of getting your information across. You may wish to add testimonials from clients in that area or even to add images of the business location and products available. Be sure to name all images with keywords relevant to that area and to add alt tags.