Making important additions to your website

Too many companies or individuals have a website and do not update it often enough, if at all. Many business owners believe that they only need to update their website when information needs to be added or removed but this is simply not the case.

When the search engines such as Goole and Bing are choosing how and where to rank websites in the results pages, one of the things they look at is how often the website is updated and how fresh the content is. A website that has not changed for years may be outdated and will probably not offer the viewer the best experience and most up to date information, therefore the search engines will not want to recommend it and will push it down in the listings.

If as a business owner you are struggling to find ways to add new information to your website then you could consider adding a blog or news section. This will allow you to add new content to the site without cluttering up the main navigation. The blog o news section could contain articles relating to the industry or to your business, hopefully which you will be able to add to, once or twice a week.