Should you cut costs on your website?

When having a website designed and programmed it is easy to lose sight of what’s important. Some business owners get carried away with installing gadgets and pretty banners, forgetting what the main purpose of the sight is. Other businesses may become obsessed with the cost of the website and therefore end up cutting the budget down so much that they end up with a sight that is not really functional or that cannot be found on the search engines.

Before going ahead with a website project, be sure to make a list of items that you feel are important to your customers and potential customers. It may be such things as online calculators or easy ways to contact you such as forms or live chat areas. Then add a list of “nice to haves”. These are additions that you can speak to the programmer about and get an idea of cost. Once you have the cost you can work out if you think it will value to the site to have it or not, before committing to it.

Never forget the SEO (search engine optimisation) for your website, as there is no point in having an amazing website that no one can find when searching online.