Keeping your marketing company informed

If you use a marketing company for your online and / or off line marketing then it is vital that you keep them in the loop or changes that are happening in the industry and within your business. When some companies use a marketing company, they forget that they are not experts in their industry but instead in promotion and marketing. They will require a certain amount of input from you in order to get the campaigns to be successful. As with many things in life, the more you put in the more you get out and that goes for marketing too. If you are having a change of management or have a new line of products that are hitting the shelves soon, then give your marketing company as much notice as possible so they can start to plan in what needs to be done in order to attract customers and gain enquiries / sales.  A simply quick phone call or email may be enough to let them know what your plans are for the future and that will allow them to come back to you in plenty of time should they need any further information to get started.